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Kentucky Militia Fallen 1774 – March 19, 1912

1774 – 1824 - 1825 – 1874 - 1875 – 1912

War of 1812 - Mexican-American War - Philippine Insurrection - State Active Duty (1875-1912) - Spanish-American War

Battle of Blue Licks PaintingFirst it must be acknowledged that there is no definitive list of those who have fallen in the line of duty while serving in the Kentucky Militia. Often it is even difficult to know who served and when. The names presented here are culled from Adjutants General reports, scholarly works, newspaper accounts and a variety of other sources. While this is without a doubt the most accurate such list ever gathered there are likely still names who have yet to be discovered that deserve to be honored alongside of these individuals. Names will be added as information becomes available and verified. The hope is to eventually honor each of the fallen with a page of their own with all the known information and a photo if available. If you have additional info you would like to submit please contact us info@kyngmemorial.com .

The Kentucky National Guard finds its roots among the oldest military organizations in the United States. On October 10, 1774, when Kentucky was a county of colonial Virginia, James Harrod, the founder of Harrodsburg, led a group of frontiersmen against an Indian coalition led by the Shawnee. The Battle of Point Pleasant took place in what is now West Virginia. In 1775 Virginia formally recognized Harrod's men, naming the group the Kentucky Militia and appointing him its captain. The militia was active in the defense of Kentucky settlements throughout the Revolutionary War.

Kentucky separated from Virginia to form a state on June 4, 1792 and twenty days later the Militia Act was signed into law by Governor Isaac Shelby, which recognized the formation of an official Kentucky Militia.

All able-bodied men coming into this territorial frontier were presumed to be in the Militia and were expected to serve as the need arose. The primary mission of these early Militiamen was to serve as a self-protective association against the frequent hostile attacks, Indian and foreign. The organization was loosened and tightened as the occasions arose. An unusual feature of the Militia was that there were no designated uniforms and each soldier was responsible for supplying his own provisions, weapons, and if possible, his own horse.

In 1903, the U. S. Congress passed the Dick Act, which promised the states an annual appropriation in return for meeting federal military standards.  In 1908 the Dick Act was revised.  In 1909 Kentucky took steps to comply with the law.  It was not until 1912 that Kentucky was finally able to conform to the federal standards and became part of the National Guard system.  On March 19, 1912, the Kentucky State Militia officially became the Kentucky National Guard.

During World War I, the “State Guard” were organized for emergencies requiring a military force to preserve law and order. These companies replaced Kentucky Guard units mobilized on August 5, 1917.  “State Guard” units were disbanded by 1921.

In 1934, a law was enacted creating an “Active Militia” to supplement regular peace officers as a division of the Military Department.  Kentucky's first Guard units were ordered to federal active duty in September 1940 in preparation for World War II. The Kentucky Active Militia served as a replacement for the Guard as a military backup to police in emergencies and also performed military funerals, appeared in parades, and assisted in crowd control at the Kentucky Derby each spring.  The Kentucky National Guard units began reforming after the war with the first unit receiving federal recognition in September 1946. Militia units disbanded as the Kentucky Guard reconstituted. The Governor disbanded militia units by executive order in February 1947, relieving all officers and enlisted personnel from further duty. Kentucky's militia laws remain in place but has not been used since World War II. There are no known casualties in the line of duty for Kentucky militia members during World War I or World War II.

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1774 – 1824

War of 1812

James Alexander
John Alexander
William Alexander
John Allen
Samuel Allen
Mclean Allison
Elisha Applegate
William Archibald
Benjamin Arnold
William Arnold
George Askley
John Aymar
Edmund Bacon
Isaiah Bags
Joseph Baker
Isaac Ballenger
Thomas Barker
Robert Batron
Whitfield Baum
John Bear
Joseph Becket
Thomas Bedford
George Bell
Thomas S. Benson
Arnold Berrisford
James Biscoe
Thomas Blake
Francis Bliss
James E. Blythe
George Boone
Isaac Boone
John E. Boswell
William Bowler
Joseph Bowles
John Bowman
William Bridges
Barnard Bridwell
Barney Bristow
Beverly Brown
Peter Brown
Almond Browning
John Burris
Thomas Burrough
Edward Bush
Joshua Butler
William Butler
Abraham Byrd
Thomas Calvert
Joshua Capps
David Caradine
Henry Carlisle
John Carpenter
Jeremiah Cash
Peter Cash
William Cash
John Cathran
Abram Chambers
Alfred Chinn
Richard Chism
John Cinkhorn
David Clark
George Clark
John Clark
Joseph Clark
Philip Clark
Peter Clauson
Jeremiah Claxton
James Clemons
Jesse Cock
Andrew Collins
Isaac Conner
George Cooper
Overton Cosby
John Cox
Gilbert Craft
Alexander Crawford
William Crawford
Zachariah Crews
Isaac Crouch
Thomas S. Crow
Asa Crowley
William Crum
Allen Darnell
Daniel Darnell
John Daugherty
John David
Thomas C. Davis
William Davis
John Dearmond
William Dickerson
James Dishmore
James Donnald
Thomas Dotson
Thomas Drane
William Dudley
Gabriel Dunn
William Durrett
Edward Dyehouse
James Eallon
John M. Edmiston
Samuel M. Elder
Richard Elkins
James Elliott
Thomas Ellis
Harrison Ezell
Thomas Fant
Gray Farmer
Samuel Ferguson
Luke Fields
John Figg
William Filknis
Roger Filley
Jesse Filson
Silas Fitzjarrell
Thomas Fletcher
Benjamin Folin
Andy Ford
Joseph Ford
Samuel Fowler
Thomas Fowler
William Frame
Thomas Frances
Joseph French
James Gaines
Joseph George
Jordan Gibson

William Gibson
Thomas Gilky
John Gill
William Gowe
Henry Grace
Benjamin F. Graves
William Grayham
James Green
Samuel Gregory
John Griffin
James Grissam
Jonathan Guardman
Andrew Hamilton
James Hamm
John Hammon
Clemons Hardesty
Henry Harman
Westly Harp
William Harrall
Jacob Harris
Robert Harrison
William Harrison
John Harshel
Nathaniel G. S. Hart
Moses Haslett
Jacob Hedrick,
Benjamin Hellerson
Robert Hellerson
Archibald Henry
Paschal Hickman
Richard Hicks
Robert Hicks
Moses Higginbottom
Robert Hindman
John Hogan
John Hopper
Jesse Humble
James Huston
John Irvin
Richard Jackman
Levi Jackson
William Jackson
Enoch Jacob
Gilsie Jacobs
John Jewett
John Johnson
Larkin Johnson
William Johnson
Peter Johnston
William Johnston
Abraham Jones
Julius Jones
Richard Jones
James Jourdan
Samuel Kelly
Casper Kennel
Simon Kenton
Lewis Kertly
Thomas W. King
Jeremiah Knott
John Lane
John Lankford
John Lark
David Law
Elijah Legate
Isaac Lemons
John Lewis
James Liggett
Adam Long
Charles Long
Richard Lustin
John Manahan
William Mannon
Daniel Martin
James Martin
Theodore Mass
John Maxwell
Francis Mayhall
Lapsley McBride
George W. McClary
John McCormick
Virgil McCracken
William McCurry
Joseph McDaniel
John McDonald
William McDowell
George McFall
Thomas McIlvain
Preston McLaughlin
Godrey Meddis
Jacob Mellor
Peter Mesmer
Frederick Miller
Henry Millery
Adam Mills
William Minor
Jeremiah Moore
John Moore
Joshua Moore
Nicholas Moran
Moses Morgan
Moses Morgan
John Morris
Walter Morris
Lindsey Mullen
Barney Murphy
John Nailor
John Nay
Littleberry Newel
Thomas Newland
James Nixon
Jackson Noble
Beverly Norris
Joseph Nott
Levi Ogden
Reuben Onlow
John Ousley
Moses Overton
John Parents
James Parker
Moses Paulk
Robert Paxton
Samuel Pearsall
George Pearson
James Peebles
John Phillips

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1825 – 1874

Mexican-American War

Granville A. Absher
Benjamin Adams
John Adams
Joseph Adcock
A. J. Alexander
Benjamin Alexander
Jesse F. Alexander
John H. Allen
James D. Allonder
Thomas W. Ambrose
Peter Anton
George R. Applegate
Jackson Arnold
William H. Ashburn
James B. Ashley
Samuel Atwell
James D. Austin
James Bailey
Peter Baker
Robert M. Baker
William L. Ball
James R. Ballard
Isaac Balthis
Mansfield Banton
Joseph W. Barbee
Louis M. Barden
James Barr
Joseph Bartlett
Samuel Bartlett
John Barton
Newell Bauchamp
William W. Bayless
Ezekiel Beard
Thomas Beatman
William Beaver
Samuet T. Beck
Franklin Bedell
John R. Bedell
William P. Bedell
Nicholas Bermer
John W. Berry
Landon T. Berry
W. T. Berry
Bolin G. Bicknel
Joshua Bightol
Silas J. Birch
W. C. Bird
James H. Bishop
Thomas Blackaby
William Blackwell
Hiram Blever
Willis N. Blick
William Board
John Boling
John L. Bolton
William Bond
John Bookhart
Micajah H. Booth
William E. Booth
James Bowyers
Harris Boyd
Stephen Boyden
John Bradley
Greenberry Bramlett
Joseph Branham
Jeremiah Brant
Greenberry Brashears
Richard C. Bratton
Bazil Brawner
William Brawner
James Bridges
Warfield Bright
Thomas Brightbill
John Brock
John H. Brooks
Ezekiel Brown
James Brown
Peyton Brown
Albert G. Bryan
Carter Bryant
William Bryant
Bennet B. Buckner
Harry T. Buckner
John Buly
James Burch
William Burden
Henry Burdett
Andrew C. Burke
William Burks
Charles T. Burnett
Enoch G. Burton
William Bush
R. Y. Button
Logan Calbert
Spencer M. Calvert
Daniel P. B. Campbell
Henry N. Canlin
John Cannon
J. Quincy Carlin
Andrew H. Carlton
Henry Carty
James Cassidy
Moses J. Cassidy
William Catterson
Austin M. Chadoin
Andrew Chalis
Frank Chambers
Thomas J. Chambers
William J. Chenault
Jackob Chrismore
Dennis Clark
Henry Clay Jr.
Alfred Cline
William Clinton
Henry Coffman
Aaron Cole
William Collins
Stephen R. Condit
James W. Cookery
William C. Cooksey
John Copperass
William Cox
McKenzie Coyle
Henry Craft
Samuel Craig
Silas E. Craig
Nelson Crane
Robert Crouch
David Crump
John L. Cully
Hervey Cummings
Thomas Cummings
Worthen Cummins
Daniel Cupps
Robert W. Curry
Henry Danforth
James B. Daniel
David Davis
George W. Davis
Jesse Davis
Jesse B. Davis
John M. Davis
Newton Davis
Samuel B. DeCoursey
Louis Defrance
Charles B. Dement
George W. Dennis
George M. Derickson
Benjamin F. Devary
Nicholas Devley
Cyranus W. Doss
William Douglas
Felix Doyle
John C. Drake
Thomas Levy Driskell
Henry B. Dudley
John B. Duncan
William O. Duncan
John M. Dunlop
Matthew Dunn
William Durham
William Durham
Green Durman
Charles Eaton
Henry Edwards
William H. Edwards
William P. Elkin
Thomas Elleston
John F. Ellingwood
William R. Ellison
Loudon Elliston
Johnson Elmore
St. Clair Emmons
William Ewalt
Ansolem Farlee
Cyrus Farris
Thomas Fecklin
Mathew Feeback
Treidrich Fell
William Field
William Finnie
James H. Fisher
George F. Flannery
Washington Fondray
Leander Ford
Littleberry B. Ford
William M. Ford
James Forquer
Joseph D. Fowler
William Fowler
George Foy
Hiram Frazier
Lafayette B. Fredericks
Martin H. Fugate
Thomas Fulkinson
Clifton Fullerlove
Allen Garner

Moses R. Garnett
Hiram Garrison
John Gebhard
William Gilbert
Thomas Glass
Will R. Glass
John Goodard
Abram Goodpaster
Dempsey W. Goodrich
Moses V. Grant
John P. Graubb
John H. Grebe
Doctor F. Green
T. W. Green
James H. Greenlee
John A. Gregory
Robert Gregory
William H. Grief
John T. Gross
Henry Grutsch
Thomas Gudgell
Richard W. Guthrie
James Haggard
Jesse T. Hall
Pinckney A. Hall
W. J. Hall
Chesley Hamlet
William Hammond
Thomas Hanlin
P. Harden
Harrison Hardin
Robert Hardin
William P. Hardin
William D. Hardy
John Hargrave
John H. Harkins
Giles Harlan
Sanford Harris
Trotter Harvey
Green W. Hatcher
Alfred Hatton
Joseph Haum
Jesse Haydon
Lafayette Haydon
John W. Hedges
Lypold Help
John P. J. Helvestine
John L. Henderson
Joshua Hendrickson
Lorenzo D. Hendron
Woodson Hendron
Charles Hense
John Herman
David Herrick
Martin Hewlett
James F. Higgins
James M. B. Higgins
James K. Hitt
John Hogland
Andres Hohmann
Robert Holder
Henry Holland
Charles Hoover
George D. Hoover
Erasmus Hopewell
Eldridge Hopkins
Francis M. Hopkins
Hyamilton Huffman
John Huffman
William Huffman
Peter R. Hughes
William Hughes
Harvey Humble
Silas Hunt
James Hunter
John M. Hunter
Robert Walker Huston
Benjamin Ieder
Columbus Jackson
Feries Jackson
Isaac Jaquitt
John Jasper
Merrill Jasper
Thomas A. Jeffries
Henderson Jett
James Johnson
James S. Johnson
Clement Jones
Harvey Jones
James A. Jones
John A. Jones
Juba M. Jones
Monroe Jones
Arthur B. Jordan
Michael Jouett
George W. Judd
Ulrich Kaegin
John Kerr
George Killer
John Kimbrough
Curtis Kincaid
Joseph Kring
Griffin L. Lackman
Wiley Lamb
Robert Latta
Mark W. Laughlin
George Launaser
John Lawson
James Layton
Mark W. Leathers
Francis C. LeCompt
George W. Lee
William Leghton
David A. Levi
Johnson Lewis
David I. Lillard
E. F. Lilley
Robert Lindsay
B. M. Lineberry
Turman Lockwood
John Loeffler
Oscar D. Logan
John T. Loyd
William Lyons
John Mackay
George Main
Minor Maitganery
James Lawrence Mansfield
Alvin Markewell
A. J. Martin
Alfred Martin
Benjamin Martin
George W. Martin
Jesse G. Martin
John Martin
Anderson G. Mason
Beverly Matthews
Richard E. Mattingly
William H. Maxey
Jesse May
Isaac McBride
Luther McCarty
John G. McCaslin
William Alexander McClintock
Peter McCoun
Stephen McCracken
Robert McCurdy
John C. McDonald
William H. McDonald
Isaac McElroy
William McFarlan
James McFarland
Felix McIlhenney
Alexander McKamy
William Robertson McKee
Theodore McLain
David O. McLin
James McMahon
Jackson McMillen
Reuben Meadows
Lee Meek
Adam Mempel
John A. Merrifield
Thomas Michael
Jacob Miller
John D. Miller
John J. Miller
William Miller
Asa M. Milligan
Joshua Minter
Andrew J. Mitchell
John Mitchell
John Moffat
John W. O. Mohundro
James B. Montgomery
Collin B. Moore
James Moore
James Moran
Daniel M. Moreland
Alexander G. Morgan
Joshua Morgan
Silas Morgan
Benjamin Morse
Ennis J. H. Morton
John Morton
William H. Mulay
Robert Mullin
John Munday
Joshua Murphy
Daniel Murrary
Jessse M> Murray
Granville  Murry
Benjamin Myers
Francis Myrick
John Napier
Levi Napier

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1875 – 1912

Philippine Insurrection

Isaac S. Crouch

James T. Dowdy

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State Active Duty (1875-1912)

William Adams, Sr.
Charles Biechner
Henry H. Crutcher
Robert Edward Diamond

Dodd, Henry
Almyr Sherrell Edwards
Richard Howell
? Hurley

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Spanish-American War

Duckworth Able
Joseph Ackerville
Huston S. Amyx
William F. Anderson
Clarence A. Arthur
Homer M. Bailey
Hezekiah J. Beller
Albert J. Boedeker
James Bohannon
Frank M. Brewer
John Murry Bright
Jesse N.  Brooks
Alfred C. Brown
Roland Raymond Burchell
George C. Butler
Jefferson Davis Cheatham
Alma J. Childers
Stratton S. Chiles
Richard Rammers Clore
Marshall Cole
Edward Cook
Vincent T. Cox, Jr.
Hansford Davidson
George B. Davis
Stonewall J. Dean
Harry N. Demaree
Henry F. Denton
Arch Eldridge
Fred Englebert
Frank W. S. Farmer

Charles Finch
Chesley J. Flood
Otis C. Ford
William J. Ganote
John T. Gorman
William Harrison Graham
George H. Hammond
Peter (Pete) Hanlon
Wellington Harlan Jr.
Edward F. Haskell
David Hess
George N. Hicks
Radford Holesapple
Jesse D. Holmes
Frank T. Hooke
William H.  Horn
Calvin Houp
William V. Huesmann
Herman Hunt
James James
James Jarboe
Paul Jenkins
Harry Pinkney Johnson
James R. Johnston
Bruce Hunting Jones
John W. Jones
Louis A. Knan
Harry C. Krell
Samuel Mahone
Jerry A. McGlone

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Joseph Pitts
Meriweather Poindexter
Jesse Polly
Joseph Poulter
Joel Prewett
William Prewitt
James C. Price
John Pullom
Nathan Pyatt
Stores Quarles
David Quinn
John Raffity
Green Ralls
John Ray
James Read
Jeremiah Read
James Reiley
Isham Reynolds
Ailsae Richardson
David Richey
David Robbins
Graham Roberson
John Roberts
Alexander Robertson
Nathaniel Robinson
George Rogers
Abijah Rolls
Henry Royaltree
Charles Rundell
Anthony Samuel
George Sanders
William Sanders
Solomon Sauls
Thomas Sealsman
Glasberry Sevaney
William Shelton
George Shields
Patrick Shields
George Shindlebower
William Shingleton
George Shipler
Burton Shivers
Cyrus Short
Abram Shouse
James Simpson
John Simpson
Joseph Simpson
Mason Simson
Daniel Sloan
Asa Smith
Cloud Smith
David Smith
John Smith
Joseph Smith
Matthew Smith
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith
Stephen Smith
William Smith
Moses Snediger
John D. Snydor
William Sparks
Samuel Spear
Willis Spence
John Spurtin
Tapley Spurtin
John Stanfield
Moses Steele
Tobias Sterne
George Stevens
John Stevens
William Stevens
Alese Stewart
Armstrong Stewart
William Storm
William Strawmatt
John Strawmutt
Ezekiel Suddeth
David Sudert
James Summerville
Thomas Talbot
John Tate
John Taylor
Solomon Taylor
Joseph Tell
James Thomas
William Thomas
Samuel Throckmorton
William Tidwell
Samuel Turmentine
Joseph Tyler
John Underwood
William Uselton
Robert Usher
George Vallandingham
John Vinsant
William Walker
Ewell Wallace
Thomas Ward
William Ward
Thomas Washington
David Watkins
Hankerson Watkins
Thomas Watkins
Joshua Weathers
John Webster
Lawrence Welsh
Charles Wheeler
Edward White
John White
Elijah Wickliffe
Joshua Wiggins
Benjamin Wiley
Evan Williams
John Williams
John Williamson
James Wilson
Stephen Woods
Silas Woodward
John H. Woolfolk
James Yates
John Yates
Aquilla Yeams
Aquilla York
Daniel Zibb

Simeon Naylor
Joseph C. Nelson
James Nester
W. J. Newton
Michael Nouse
John Nuber
Frederick Oak
Thomas Ogden
Allen Oldham
William Oliver
George R. Orr
John C. Overby
William T. Overstreet
George W. L. Pace
Twitty R. Pace
John Parent
Richard W. Park
Rowland S. Parker
Joseph R. Patterson
Cyrus M. Payne
William Pence
Nimrod Penn
Henry Perkins
Elijah Perry
Charles Peterson
James Petty
Nathan M. Pifer
Robert G. Pitts
John C. Pollard
James Pomeroy
Godfrey Pope
John Porter
Anderson Powell
Joseph W. Powell
Samuel L. Powers
Mordecai Preston
Noah Price
William P. Pullin
Patrick Quigley
John Quinn
George Raidon
John W. Rainey
Lewis V. Ralston
Nathaniel Ramey
Shelby A. Ray
Lyman Redfield
Elijah Reed
George W. L. Reeves
Joseph Reid
Rolly W. Reynolds
William Reynolds
William P. Reynolds
William Rham
Daniel Richardson
John W. Rickerson
Joseph M. Ritchey
David D. Robbins
Montgomery Roberts
William Robinson
Martin Rodabaugh
David P. Rodgers
George Rogers
John W. Rogers
Joseph Rogers
William H. Rogers
John Ross
William H. Roundtree
Ephraim Rouston
J. M. Rowlin
Ezekiel Rucker
Thomas Rumsey
John Sanders
Lewis Sanders
James Sandifer
Giles Sansberry
James W. Sappington
Cyrus A. Scott
Francis Sears
James Seifers
Charles Sells
James Seston
John B. Shanklin
German B. Sharpe
Washington Shaw
Joseph Shepley
William Shield
Francis Shuckardt
Henry Shultz
Westley Silvers
William P. Simmers
William Simms
Edwin R. Slaughter
Albert G. Smith
Bradford Smith
Isham O. Smith
John W. Smith
Zachariah Smith
Thomas Snim
Hercules Snow
Edley B. Snyder
William D. Snyder
Jacob Spitznagel
Joseph Spriker
John S. Squires
A. Starks
Jackson Staten
William Stattman
George Steele
Milton Stewart
Adam C. Still
Wymer Still
John Stilwell
Henry F. Stone
Ira Storm
John Strong
Henry Struthmann
Jerred Sublett
William H. Suddith
James Sullinger
James Sullivan
William Sullivan
Samuel C. Summers
Willis Suttles
Thomas A. Sweany
John R. Taylor
Elisha G. Tayman
Stephen F. Teater
William Templeman
Arthur Thacker
James Thacker
John Thawsen
Samuel Thomas
C. B. Thompson
John H. Thompson
Eva Thoreau
John J. Thurman
William Thwaits
James B. Tilley
Samuel Todd
Westley Townsend
Harvey Trotter
Peter Trough
Daniel B. Trout
John L. Truill
James A. Tuttle
John Tuttle
Major Updike
John S. Vandiver
Edward W. Vaughn
Willis Vest
Isaac Vice
Joseph Walden
John Walker
Jesse J. Waller
Armistead Walls
Walter B. Walters
Banson Warren
Thomas Waters
John W. Watson
Riley W. Watson
William Watson
Thomas Waugh
Noble R. Wayman
Simpson Webber
A. B. Weigart
Thomas Weigart
James Wells
Balser B. West
Mark Wheatley
Joshua White
James Wiggins
Robert M. Wiley
Parks Wilkers
Abraham Williams
George W. Williams
John Williams
John Williams
Sydney M. Williams
William Williams
John J. Williamson
William Williamson
Wyatt Williamson
William T. Willis
Lewis Willoughby
Charley Wise
Henderson Wise
Henry Wolf
John H. Womack
John  Worrel
John G. Wright
Alfred Young
Mason Young
Samuel Young
William Young

John Barbee Galleher

Archibald McBride
Arthur Langan Robinson
Ingram Tate
Charles C. Woods

James K.  Napier
Joseph Otis
George L. Ott
Clarence Parks
Horace Scott Parsons
Montgomery Russell Patteson
William Peavly
George Stevens Rafferty
Olander J. Rains
Grafton William Reed
Henry Reffett
Frank Reynolds
William S. Reynolds
William L. Ronan
Harry M. Rowley
Joseph Henry Sand
Gilbert Saylor
Albert J. Seaver
Hugh E. Shyrock
Joseph L. Simons
Till Sloan
George Lancaster Smith
Paul P. Smith
John F. Sproule
McCreary Stivers
Jesse Tandy
Verner Valentine Vanhoose
Robert A. Watson
Burdine Whiteaker
Woodie Woosley

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